Word’s of Wisdom

I have been very fortunate to look at the world through God’s eyes.  Because of this special view,  I have been blessed to met and join my faith with some wonderful women of God, from all ways of life with various ethnic backgrounds that have cascaded into my life.  They have challenged me and looked beneath the surface and saw things in my heart that I could not have seen in myself.  They have dreamed along with me regarding the things that I hope to realize in my life and the life of my family and friends.  I  marvel at how God has strategically placed them as I have made my ways through life.  They have pressed me, cheered me on, corrected me, and loved me.  Although, for some it has only been for a season, I appreciate what was imparted to me.  Many times these relationships that began as mentor/mentee relationships have transmogrified into beautiful friendships.  I leave them feeling renewed and refreshed when my time with them comes to a close.  I celebrate these women of with who have shared their perspective and wisdom.  I am sadden when we fail to appreciate the wisdom they have to offer.  Under this tab you will find words of insight from generations gone by.


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