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Hello, my name is Marilyn:

This is my 2nd attempt at blogging.  I have always wanted to build a network where I could share my experiences.  Maybe, spare someone some of the disappointments and heartaches I have endured.  Honestly, I love my life because it is my experiences that have made me the person that I am.

I married at a young age.  After eight years and a beautiful daughter, my marriage ended. That is when my journey began.  Although, I have had some missed steps I can say God has been faithful.  After a number of years serving in the church, I answered my call into the ministry.  In 2007,  I was ordained into the ministry in a small church in Texas.  Later, I was compelled to joined my faith with another body of believers and through that ministry became a licensed minister of the Gospel.

Yes, that is my beautiful daughter and her future husband.

I have been engaged for six years. I know! It has been a long engagement.  I learned that you don’t move until God says its time to move.  I believe God is teaching us both about love.  This man makes my heart smile.

There are a number of people that inspire me but my biggest inspiration was my mother who was called home to be with the Lord two years ago.  She taught me that I could accomplish anything with hard work and a no quit attitude, hence, my 2nd attempt at blogging.  I know she is looking down on me smiling.


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