Birthday Surprise

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DJ, Marilyn, Denise
DJ, Marilyn, Denise

It has been awhile since I’ve written a blog post.  This past month has been filled with love and laughter.  It started with me having an unction to surprise my oldest sister on her “Birthday”.   When we were children we shared everything.  It was not like today.  When parents take their child and friends to “Chuck E Cheese’s” or have a “Bounce” house in their backyard and all their friends would come over.  I was raised during a different era.  Yes, I said era.  Our birthday celebration consisted of my Mom cooking us our favorite dinner and making a huge sheet cake.  Why? Because both of our names had to fit on it.

Happy Birthday

Jocelyn and Marilyn

My sister and I are exactly 2 years and 3 days apart so we shared every one of my birthdays since we were children.  I can only remember twice when we actually went somewhere for our birthday (Sea World and The Indian Reservation). I guess that translated into our adult life because for a number years we traveled to Las Vegas annually.  I still recall that feeling when we both first walked into a casino.  No, it is not what you think.  We went to shows and did all the tourtesy sites.  Okay, maybe we played some Keno.  Oh, and I ate a lot.   Then life became busy, although, we have tried to make each birthday special we had not set aside any special time to celebrate in a long time.

The sad part is as it got closer to that time I began to flip-flop back and forth. Was I really going to drive 4 1/2 hours to share the evening with my sister?  I reasoned that it was a long drive for only a few hours visitation. Then I began to think that I would regret not following my heart if something unexpected happened. So I packed up my car and off I went.  The drive was quiet and I had my favorite person rolling with me, Jesus. I drove thinking how forunate I was that I have two sisters, and although none of us are perfect, we love each other dearly.

I reflected on what my grandparents taught us – that there is nothing like family.  We should always stand by each other inspite of our differences.  My heart was and still is filled with gratitude.  There are some things that are irreplaceable.  Can I say that the expression on my sister’s face was priceless?  I quitely sat in her room (in the dark) with ballons tied to my chair.  I forgot to tell you that my youngest sister was in on the plan.  We had talked to my sister a hundred times that day trying to convenience her to come straight home but as my baby sister would say, “she was being slow on purpose”.  All I could hear her saying was “I thought people are suppose to do what they want to do on their birthday”.  We heard her car pull into the driveway.  I could hear her talking and then she slowly began to open her door.   You know how you are waiting for someone to do something in anticipation but they are taking their time (zzzzzzzzzz). Then she realized there was person in her room.

She saw me but she didn’t see me.

She hesitated and step back then something clicked in her brain.  She said, “What are you doing here?” “How did you get here?”  I must admit I am a good surpriser.  I hid my car across the street at one of her friend’s house.  All she could do was laugh, in fact, she was so discombobulated. She was walking in circles. It was so much fun seeing the joy that we brought her.  She was ready to celebrate!!  We had so much fun I extended my trip for two more days.

This is the kicker, I headed home the day before my birthday.  The next day (my birthday) I sat at the resturant with my family, trying to understand why we were at a table of 8 instead of 6, and guess who strolled in smiling?  My sisters. My oldest saying, “I got cha” and my youngest carrying a bouquet of balloons.

Life would not be the same without them.


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