Testimony Tuesday

The Simple Things

Each day when we wake up is a testment to God’s grace.  Yet, there are times in our lives when we want to see a special move by God.  It is those times that we testify most often concerning his goodness.  My post today is going to be around the simple things in life.  Every Tuesday at our family bible study, I ask everyone “Do you have a testimony”?  There are days when everyone is excited and talking over each other because God has demonstrated his power by answering a prayer or changing a situation in their lives.  Then there are days like last night when I just see eyes staring back at me.  Why? Probably because there was no earth shattering event that had occured that week.  Those are the times I challenge each of us to really look back and see what God has done.  Slowly, one by one everyone will begin to share.  I might hear “he woke me up this morning”.  Yes, he did.  Then I might hear “an unexpected bill came up but I am thankful that I had the money because there was a time when I would not have had the money to take care of it.”  Well, I can’t shine the light on my family if I don’t shine the light on myself.  I was having a moment when it came to writing this post because I kept going over my week but it was just a normal week.  Yet, in my normalcy I don’t want to forget how “AWESOME” God is.   So my testimony this week is:

You woke me up this morning
And You started me on my way
You put food on my table
You brought joy to my day
I’m glad Your love has never changed
And wonderful
And wonderful
And wonderful, wonderful is Your name

Hezekiah Walker



2 thoughts on “Testimony Tuesday

  1. There really is always a testimony no matter how big or small. One never knows all the things Satan had planned for you, but God intervened. Simply making it from one destination to another is something to praise God for.

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