Testimony Tuesday

A single large pancake smothered with sautéed apples and cinnamon sugar baked to perfection. It is more like dessert.


Some of my greatest memories are centered around meal time and this testimony is no different. Normally, Saturday’s are busy for us (my family) since my daughter is getting married this year.  Yet, in all of our busyness we always find time to slow down and have meals together.  This past Saturday we went to one of our favorite places “The Original Pancake House”.  To be honest I wasn’t feeling it because the wait is long and it had already been a long morning.  But my daughter used the “No Wait” app which put us in line while we were in route.  When we walked in we immediately were seated ( I love that app). Not all technology is bad.  I ordered a much needed cup of coffee and began to catch up on our morning activities.  Before long the food was being served and before everyone began to prep their food we prayed.  Thanking God for the opportunity to be able to serve others and asked him to help us always do his will.  As we were talking and prepping our food, the waiter came to our table with this beautiful delicious smelling  “apple cinnamon” pancake. He said, “Enjoy, compliments of the Chef”.  Ok, were we the one-hundredth customer or something?  Each of us were trying to figure out what we did to deserve such favor.  Wow, God’s favor.  Isn’t that what grace is all about.  It allows you things that you were not deserving of.  Thank you, Father for reminding us what unmerited favor and grace looks like.



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