All About That Bass

A great post for those who struggle with their weight.

Throne of Grace

One of the things I have always struggled with is my weight. I’m not one of those naturally lean people, who can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound. Carbohydrates really, really like me. I know I won’t ever be a “stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll,” as Meghan Trainor so eloquently stated. But I would like to get to a comfortable weight and maintain it.

According to this weight chart (that I now want to burn), a “normal” weight range for a female who is 5’5” is 114 to 149 pounds, said female is “overweight” if she weighs between 150-179 pounds, and “obese” if she weighs between 180-234 pounds. Currently, I fall into the overweight category, and quite frankly, even when I was at my record lowest weight (picture below) I still didn’t weigh less than 150 pounds.


I didn’t mind being over 150, I felt good. I liked the way…

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