Accountability is Key

 Accountability is key to our Christian walk.  It is the door way that allows God to enter in and work in our lives.  If we as Christians can’t admit that there are areas  in our lives that challenge us, then how can we change?

For the past 8 years, I have led a small bible study in my home.  We have even become high tech because some of our members have relocated and they continue to participate via FaceTime.   We have studied the most popular books of the bible and the not so popular.  One year as a group we read the bible from beginning to end. Often, I try an ask questions that will challenge our faith and stretch us as individuals.  I know God’s grace and mercy covers a multitude of sins. However, God still expects us to strive to be like his son each and every day.

This past year I learned that is hard for people to honestly admit that they are not adhering to the principles that God has called us to live by.  They will dance around tough questions instead of admitting to areas in their lives that are challenging.  Often, they will reason away (make excuses) why they are not where they would like to be.

“I work long hours,”  “I am tried.”  Yet, we can find the time to do other things.

From this blog post, I want people to understand that we all struggle with certain disciplines whether it’s setting aside time to pray or taking time to study our bible. If we don’t practice those disciplines it will be challenging for us to adhere to God’s principles.

I am a committed tither and giver but I have struggled with this principle year in and year out.  I wasn’t taught the principle of tithing (giving 10% of my income) until I was in my early twenties. I did not understand why I should give money to the church when I had bills to pay.  I could literally see bills in one hand and my pay check in the other.  Because I am a logical person it just did not compute. The first thing I had to understand was I wasn’t tithing to the church, I was giving it to God, and at the end of the day, I faithfully paid my tithes. Can I say it has gotten easier? My answer is sometimes.

What I have learned about myself is I can go into Target with the intent to spend $10 and walk out having spent $100.  I don’t fret over the money I spent in the store as hard as I fret over the offering I put in the offering bucket.  What does that say about me?  I still have some growing to do.  I know that I need to hold myself accountable because if I don’t I will go back to my old way of thinking.

Growing is about pulling back the layers that we hide behind as individuals. Recognizing that growing up in Christ is a continuous process that empowers us to move forward.



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