There Is One Thing I Know

“Change” a word that often put many of us on edge.   Change means that something is going to be altered, transformed, and/or take a different course.   Change rolls in like a quiet storm that continues to build momentum until the path that was destiny emerges.   Changes brings with it manifold blessings and unforeseeable heartbreak.   It can stretch and reshape friends and family.  Often, it pulls back the curtain of our hearts and forces us to look at the spiritual foundation of our lives that was laid by our parents and grandparents.

“What do you do when change comes?”

After 32 years, two acquisitions and a merger, once again I am facing change. Yes, I have had the same job since I was a babe. In the past, I would have worried and fret over what am I going to do if…… However, when I look back I realize that worrying did not change the inevitable.  Change came whether I worried or maintained my current course in life.  What did that teach me?  I can’t stop change but I can definitely embrace it.  When joy comes with change I bask in the moment. I appreciate the good times and it is like a ray of sunshine upon my face.  When sadness comes I may cry a river of tears which cleans my soul.  But at end of the day, I know that I am a better person.  Not because I survived but because I thrived. I can admit it was not comfortable.  Yet, I made it through and that is what gives me the courage to keep pressing forward.



2 thoughts on “There Is One Thing I Know

  1. Amen! Change is something we can’t avoid. It is something we must embrace. This is so encouraging! Sometimes we need great reminders like this one.

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